Making diesel generators more efficient, LoudCell ramps up operations in India and expands to Africa

Ramesh Gupta, a veteran in the field of telecommunications and enterprise software, started LoudCell along with Ashish Srivastava back in 2013. The proposition was simple – diesel generators across India are very inefficient and LoudCell had a solution via which factories could have a lot of money by making their generators more fuel efficient. Validating their idea, LoudCell could make generators up to 25% more efficient and on the basis of this initial success, the company which is a part of the TechSparks 2013 batch, raised a $1 million seed round from IAN in 2014. The funding has thrusted the company forward and it is a 45 member strong unit right now with strong future prospects. Here, we get in a conversation with Ramesh to learn more.Read More……..

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