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Making diesel generators more efficient, LoudCell ramps up operations in India and expands to Africa

Ramesh Gupta, a veteran in the field of telecommunications and enterprise software, started LoudCell along with Ashish Srivastava back in 2013. The proposition was simple – diesel generators across India are very inefficient and LoudCell had a solution via which factories could have a lot of money by making their generators more fuel efficient. Validating their idea, LoudCell could make generators up to 25% more efficient and on the basis of this initial success, the company which is a part of the TechSparks 2013 batch, raised a $1 million seed round from IAN in 2014. The funding has thrusted the company forward and it is a 45 member strong unit right now with strong future prospects. Here, we get in a conversation with Ramesh to learn more.Read More……..

LoudCell: Solving a huge India-specific problem, making diesel generators more efficient

Huge change takes time. And, hence, the shift towards cleaner forms of energy will take time, as well. And, especially in India, where we’re still grappling with producing enough energy via traditional means, it’s still a long time before we adopt cleaner technologies at scale. In the meanwhile, how about making present systems more efficient? This was the thought with which Ramesh Gupta founded Loudcell.Read More……..